Joint Lent Services

Starting on Sunday 21st February for 6 weeks, there will be shared sermons within all churches, with each minister producing a video to be incorporated into the normal online services. Contact each church for details of how they run their Sunday services

There will then be a zoom Bible Study on Tuesdays at 7.30 p.m. starting on the 23rd February.

The questions for the Bible Study for week two ( 2nd March)  which have been set by Rev. Andy Lindop are

Week 2

Introduction: Andy to tell the story of the teacher

  • It is often said that we can never remember a lesson from school but we always remember the teachers. Has anybody got a recollection of a particularly influential teacher?

The reading on Sunday was Mark 8:31-38. Jesus found the right time and place to share some difficult words with his disciples, he was prepared to rebuke his friend Peter when he had got something badly wrong, and he was willing to challenge the crowd when necessary. I asked the question: is there something difficult that the Lord is saying to me, that I am reluctant to hear, but that I need to listen to and act on? Is there a challenge that I am ducking out of? Deliberately the focus was on us as individuals. This evening I want us to think about our respective churches and our collaboration as churches in the area.

Breakout Groups 1:

  • What difficult things might the Lord be trying to say to your church community?
  • What difficult things might the Lord be trying to say to us as a Churches Together group?

Further questions if required:

  1. What is your reaction to having to give or receive an unwelcome message?
  2. What is your reaction to Jesus calling Peter Satan? Why do you think Jesus did this?
  3. Having rebuked Peter, how did Jesus’ talk to the crowd about taking up their cross help to de-personalise the issue without reducing it?

Brief opportunity to share anything that may be of value to the whole group.

Breakout Groups 2:

  • What are the particular challenges that lie ahead for your church family?
  • What are the particular challenges that lie ahead for us as a Churches Together group?

Further questions if required:

  1. If you had to give advice to a friend on how to give a difficult message, what would your advice be? What are the steps that Jesus took?
  2. What does it mean in the context of your life to take your cross?

Further opportunity to share anything appropriate to the whole group, then summarise the evening

Each of the different preachers will be putting together some thoughts and questions for the Tuesday Bible study following their sermon. Contact john or your Churches Togther contact for details of the zoom meeting

The sermon will also be available on youtube and will be accessible  on the Christ Church website and also via 

This is the Sunday Rota:

21-Feb Lent 1 Mark 1.9-15 Jesus: A Father's Son Ian Fleming 
1 Peter 3.18-22
28-Feb Lent 2 Mark 8.31-38 Jesus: Dying to Serve Andy Lindop 
Romans 4.13-25
07-Mar Lent 3 John 2.13-22 Jesus: A Man of Action Richard Selby 
1 Corinthians 1.18-25
14-Mar Lent 4 Matthew 20:20-28 Jesus: A Servant Leader Steve Gaskell 
Mothers Day 2 Corinthians 1.3-7
21-Mar Lent 5 John 12.20-33 Jesus: A Hope for all Nations David Somerville 
Hebrews 5.5-10
28-Mar Palm Sunday John 12.12-16 Jesus: A Humble King Paul Sumsion 
Psalm 118.1-2,19-24


The sermon will be based on the gospel reading in each case, with the second reading available for those churches who usually have two readings as part of their service.

They are mainly lectionary based.

Covid-19 Services

With the current restrictions, if you are interested in attending one of the churches, it is best to contact the relevant church on our churches page. Those churches that are not opening will be holding online services.

most churches  are also continuing with virtual services using websites, Facebook, videos, and Zoom conferencing. Contact the relevant church website for contact details


Healing on the Streets

Every Saturday morning from 10:30, we have a team walking around Ramsbottom asking if anyone needs any prayers. - Currently suspended

Past News

#doyouknowHimrammy was a a ten week campaign running from the 23rd February to the 28th April 2019.