Day 1 – Monday 18th January

“You did not choose me but I chose you.” (John 15:16a)

Genesis 12: 1-4    The call of Abraham

John 1:35-51        The call of the first disciples


The start of the journey is an encounter between a human being and God, between the created and the Creator, between time and eternity. Abraham heard the call, “Go to the land I will show you”. Like Abraham we are called to leave that which is familiar and go to the place that God has prepared in the depth of our hearts. Along the way, we become more and more ourselves, the people God has wanted us to be from the beginning. And by following the call that is addressed to us, we become a blessing for our loved ones, our neighbours and the world. The love of God seeks us. God became human in Jesus, in whom we encounter the gaze of God. In our lives, as in the Gospel of John, God’s call is heard in different ways. Touched by his love, we set out. In this encounter, we walk a path of transformation—the bright beginning of a relationship that is always started anew.

“ One day you understood that, a yes had already been inscribed in your innermost depths. And so you chose to go forward in the footsteps of Christ… In silence in the presence of Christ, you heard him say, ‘Come, follow me; I will give you a place to rest your heart.’ ”

(The Sources of Taize)

We pray for

Ramsbottom Community Church.

Emmanuel Church, Holcombe.

Our clergy and church leaders and those who are investigating a new calling.

Health care workers, called to care for the sick, pressured in these difficult times of Covid—19.

We pray together

Jesus Christ, you seek us, you wish to offer us your friendship and lead us to a life that is ever more complete. Grant us the confidence to answer your call so that we may be transformed and become witnesses of your tenderness for the world.



Have you ever been aware that God was asking you or someone you know to begin a new journey in life—whether literally moving to somewhere else, or “changing direction” in some other way? How did you respond?

Go and do

Spend some time exploring what is unfamiliar to you in another Christian tradition and which might help lead you to greater understanding and unity.