Day 8 – Monday 25th January

“So that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be complete.”  (John 15:11)

Colossians 1:15-20   In him all things hold together

Mark 4:30-32            As small as a mustard seed


The hymn to Christ in Colossians invites us to sing the praise of God’s salvation, which encompasses the whole universe. Through the crucified and risen Christ, a path of reconciliation has been opened up; creation too is destined for a future of life and peace.

With the eyes of faith, we see that the kingdom of God is a reality that is very close but still very small—like a mustard seed. However, it is growing. Even in the distress of our world the Spirit is at work. He encourages us to become involved—with all people of goodwill—in tirelessly seeking justice and peace, and ensuring the earth is once again a home for all creatures.

We participate in the work of the spirit so that creation in all its fullness may continue to praise God. When nature suffers, when human beings are crushed, the Spirit of the risen Christ—far from allowing us to lose heart—invites us to become part of his work of healing.

The newness of life that Christ brings is a light of hope. It is a wellspring of reconciliation for the whole of creation and contains a joy that comes from beyond ourselves.

“Do you wish to celebrate the newness of life that Christ gives through the Holy Spirit, and let it live in you, among us, in the church, in the world and in all of creation?”  (Second promise made during profession at the Community of Grandchamp)

We pray for

Christ Church.

Emmanuel Church Centre.

Those who work to protect the environment.

Hearts of hope and trust as we look to the future.

We pray together …

Thrice-holy God,

We thank you for having created and loved us.

We thank you for your presence in us and in creation.

May we learn to look upon the world as you look upon it,

with love.

In the hope of this vision, may we be able to work for a world

where justice and peace flourish,

for the glory of your name.



How much does your life declare God’s salvation? What view of God would others have from how you live?

Go and do

Take action for climate justice in your own life.